What I Wore: To the Met

Friday, July 10, 2015


What I Wore: Skirt (Chicwish), T-Shirt (Old Navy; Similar Here), Shoes (Loly in the Sky; Similar Here), Bracelet (Popbasic; Similar Here)

How can one travel to New York City and not go to the storied Metropolitan Art Museum? And since I knew I'd want to be dressed up to see the art, this green skirt came along for the trip! It travelled surprisingly well and didn't really wrinkle. The t-shirt kept things daytime-casual and also served to describe how I felt drinking in all the art.

We travelled back in time to Ancient Egypt (I teach an Ancient Egypt unit), and the crowning touch to that was in seeing an entire Ancient Egyptian temple that had been gifted to the Met! They literally built the room around the temple. We also got to see Claude Monet's Bridge over a Pond of Lilies . I had several picture books about Claude Monet growing up, and it like  simultaneously seeing a childhood memory and like viewing the image for the first time. Which, I suppose was exactly what it was on both counts, as I'd never seen the original painting before. It was not quite the numinous experience that seeing the lily pond panels in Musee L'Orangerie was, but I kept being drawn back to this painting, looking at it, taking it in, and then moving onto the adjacent room, only to return again.

Of course, as a style blogger, I was also excited to see what Anna Wintour had curated for the Costume Institute with the exhibit "China Through the Looking Glass." It was one of the last exhibits we found, so I was rushing about to try and see it all, but it was a fascinating examination of how designers are inspired by their ideas of China/the Orient, while recognizing that what they create may not represent the real place. It balanced creativity without ever seeming appropriating anything, and even featured Chinese designer and how their work is influenced or inspired by the Western myth of the orient as well.

After the museum closed, we sat next to the fountain by the Museum steps then made our way leisurely through Central Park to our Metro station. Though we spent a whole day in the park, we also found ourself in and out of it on many days as well. But more on that lovely place next time....


  1. Wow! Love your outfit! That skirt is gorgeous.

    I must say, the fact you teach an Ancient Egypt unit is really incredible. I have always been fascinated by Ancient Egypt and am hoping to make it into the NYC next weekend... and basically want to go to the Met to see the museum's collection of Ancient Egyptian art. Out of curiosity, have you been to Egypt at all recently? I am planning a trip there early next year and would appreciate any tips or advice. :)

    I'm so glad I stumbled on your blog! Have a wonderful weekend.


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    1. Sadly, I've never been to Egypt. I teach an Ancient Egypt unit for my gifted 2nd grade class. One student studied Hapsetshut so seeing her things in the museum was especially cool.

      Good luck on planning your Egypt trip! Hope t see it on your blog come January!

  2. The temple sounds amazing! The Met sounds absolutely fascinating, and I love your outfit :)

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  3. I LOVE Loly in the sky. You reminded me that I want to buy a pair of cute flats.

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  4. OMG! Soooo much fun! I love going to Museum's but we don't have any good ones in Austin... we have to go to Dallas or Houston to get cultured. Ha!

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    1. Except for the Buffalo Bill Historical Center, there aren't any around these parts either, so I was very excited to go to museums in New York!

  5. Beautiful color and texture on that skirt. So lux! You look beautiful! <3

    - Anna


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  6. LOVE this combo of a full skirt + graphic tee, it's perfect! I've enjoyed reading all about your NYC trip! I have to say, I haven't spent much time there myself, and am excited to go sometime soon. I would say this was a perfect outfit to visit the Met!

    ♥ perfectly Priya

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  7. Adorable surprise on the shoes!
    Glad you enjoyed the museum, what exciting exhibits!

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