Month in Review: July 2015

Friday, July 31, 2015

Adventurous Outfits

Adventurous Plans
Our summer's big trip was seeing the Big Apple for the first time, and this month I've really enjoyed getting to share our impressions of New York with you. You could also find out what three sailors thought of New York, New York with this month's film flick review. Or with this stationery wishlist. But even if you weren't able to get away this month, there were still many things to try in July, right from the Why Don't You... list!  For example, you could buy the book from this month's Dogeared Page. Fellow blogger Marlen of Message on a Napkin wrote the poetry book, Ugly People, Beautiful Hearts. 

Truthfully, after our exciting travels, things have been pretty quiet at home, partly because we like it that way and partly because an accident meant The Boy's arm was in a splint much of the month (before you ask; he's fine). What has July been like for you?

Adventurous Finds
Could it be a rare photo of Vincent Van Gogh? 

Wyoming made the news for being "Long on Pride, but Short on People"

Most people's mother tongue falls into one of these 23 languages (out of the thousands of languages there are)

A fascinating look at 100 years of beauty from all around the world

How Broadway hit On the Town made it from ballet to the Great White Way (Plus, a current On the Town star's adorkable vlog!)

Also New York related: what could a "subway symphony" sound like?

Croquet is going extinct, I guess? Here's one reason why and what the Brits are doing about it.

Animation caricature-izes the human form, but what if animated heroines had more realistic features? 

"An end to email shame" Do you need this?

Harry Potter and the Cursed Child- Sosososososo curious about this!

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