What I Wore: Going Bananas for Pop Art

Monday, December 28, 2015

banana 1 Collage

What I Wore: Pencil Skirt (Vintage; Similar Here), Sweater (Le Tote), Bracelet (Le Tote), Necklace (Popbasic), Shoes (Gap)

I'm excited to share another work outfit; I think dressing for work can be a challenge, because you still want to feel cute and, well, exude your own personality, but you have to balance that with professionalism. I think with teachers it can get even tricker because what you wear to an office isn't quite what you need, but you need to step beyond casual wear. Plus, you need to be able to move, be prepared for getting dirty and/or be outside, because with kids, you kneel; you stand;  you jump; you make a mess inside and outside. I liked this because it walked the line of edgy and still grown-up.

This sweater is bold and graphic in a way that reminded me of Warhol's Campbell Soup prints or other modern art pieces. To further play up that graphic tone, I  added  the subtle black-on-black element of the bow-tie necklace, and echoed that black in the other accessories too (the belt and the bracelet). A banana sweater is not, necessarily  something I'd have bought- but I loved it as a piece that I could rent. By "renting" I mean, of course, that it came from Le Tote. I've been really digging using them as a way to interject some novelty into my wardrobe these past few months. I can get things a bit more "out there" and try them out without actually having to pay to keep them.

Are you using any clothing subscriptions lately? What ones do you like?


  1. I LOVE this! How fun!

    I have never heard of Le Tote but it sounds like an interesting idea and a way to keep closet size in check.


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  2. You balanced personality with professionalism wonderful here! Ha, I used to have a really strict dress code in high school and remember needing to do the same--I wanted to wear skirts all the time but they had to be long enough, couldn't bear (bare?) our shoulders, etc. I love love that banana sweatshirt!

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  3. You definitely do a great job at balancing your personality and your professionalism in this outfit. The fit of this skirt is so great on you!

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  4. Oh this sweater is so fun! I love it! I have not used Le Tote before, but I have been using Rocksbox (jewelry rental) for the past few months - and I love it! Renting clothes is such a fun way to try styles you may not have otherwise.


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  5. I haven't tried Le Tote, but that sweater is seriously awesome!

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  6. Best sweater ever. I love the print and the buttons along the back! <3

    - Anna


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  7. OK, I ADORE the sweater. The print on the front is awesome, but the buttons on the back really sell it for me. Win!


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