Month in Review: May 2016

Friday, May 27, 2016

Ready for Summer Plans
May seems to be a time for beginnings and endings- as you can see in this list of things to do in May! School is now out here and Summer is officially here. To celebrate, we talked travel both real- such are our trip to Los Angles- and imagined, such as with this Roman Holiday themed stationery post. Summer can also be a great time to see a few great films (why try this month's Film Flick?) and catch up on some reading (this month's Dog Eared Page is a great book, if you're looking for a recommendation.)

Summer also means styling to look cool in the heat. To help with that, I shared my summer wishlist, and shared some of my favorite blogs for minimalist style. You could also take inspiration from this month's Cinema Style post- it is, literally, out of this world.
Ready for Summer Finds

10 Things that Require Zero Luck or Talent

Three dangerous words:  "I Feel Like" 

Suzanne's thoughtful post about creating a dream wardrobe  and, in contrast, Rebecca shares how living abroad changed her clothing style

Afghanistan's first female street artist

10 year old designer creates clothes to counter body-shaming! 

I love alternative history- and this Africa Uncolonized is a fantastic "what-if"

"Seeing" Einstein's gravitation waves! 

How music taste has evolved (according to the Top 10 Billboard)

A new movie adaptation of Watership Down?!?!

Tips for going to Yellowstone: DON'T TOUCH THE WILDLIFE (and definitely don't put it in your car.) Also- let's not step all over the irreplaceable geothermic features that can kill you, m'kay?


  1. A new Watership Down sounds interesting!

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  2. I came by to catch up on all the blog posts I've missed recently and found you mentioned me! LOL - thanks so much for the link. My goal in the upcoming weeks is to stop neglecting my blog and try to do some posts. :D


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  3. I will be going for Paris Short City Breaks. It's really nice and I like your post to plan my other trips.

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