Ellis at 3 months

Monday, April 17, 2017

Ellis is 3 months old as of this week! He weighs 12 pounds and 3 oz.

He's still a serious, grump-prone little guy, but- dare I say it? We don't want to jinx anything!- he has outgrown his colic. Yes, there is still fussing, but it is fussing, not constant piercing wails of pain. Plus, it seemed like a light switched a week or so ago and he's so much more observant and alert! He definitely has his father's stubbornness, but he's also been very cuddly and wanting to be held a lot. He has the best smile when he chooses to show it. 

That "light switch" moment that lead to more observation and awareness is a milestone, according to the Wonder Weeks, book (any other mamas reading about Wonder Weeks?). He's also discovered how enjoyable sucking on his hands can be. He's always noticed his hands, even very early, but couldn't quite figure out their use before. Clearly, their use is being tasty.  He's also started babbling and making sounds a lot more, both vowels and some constant sounds. He's got a lot to say! 

Now that he's figured out he can suck on his hands, his fists are up by his mouth 24/7. He gets mad that he can't fit both in his mouth at the same time though! He still loves music, and watching the world with his little head popped over someone's shoulder too.  As you can see below, he merely tolerates walks in his stroller right now, but I think he'll like them more as it gets warm enough that he no longer needs a hat (hats are not his favorite!) 

This was the big challenge of the past few weeks- getting Ellis to take a bottle in preparation for going to childcare. We tried a lot of different ways to slowly ease into the situation, but nothing worked. Finally, Amos sent me away overnight, so it would be the bottle or nothing. I'm not sure quitting breastfeeding cold turkey is the best solution, but it was the only one that was working for us. 

My own feelings have been mixed; the decision to go a bottle or the breast was a tough one for us before we had our baby and every argument on either side has proven to be true. I did love the bonding breastfeeding provided Ellis and I, as well as the health benefits and even the convenience of it. However, I am really happy we made the switch to the bottle too. It has changed my and Ellis' relationship a bit, mostly because his Daddy was the primary food-giver for a few days; I definitely felt a bit second fiddle there! We now can both successfully feed him, (and so can our childcare providers) and that second fiddle feeling has gone away. It has been really special to see how it let Amos experience that closeness too. Most importantly though, we switched to a formula on the recommendation of our doctor and it seems to have really helped Ellis' upset stomach issues that were at the root of his colic. Less pain and a more cheerful baby, for the win! I know that bottle versus breastfeeding and mother's milk versus formula brings out a lot of really strong opinions, but, for us, this seems to be what works best for our family and our baby's health. 

We had a really good rhythm, where he went down at fairly predictable times and ate a predictable times throughout the night.... and then, bottle feeding happened. Parenting advice books seem to all say that once you get things down, something will come along to change up the schedule, and that certainly seems true. So, we are tired and all over the place on sleep, but that's okay. In fact it will likely continue because.... 

I am back at work today! That's right- maternity leave has come to an end. I've mixed feelings about it.  I love the creativity and stimulation; I love seeing people at work. However, I love my boy. But, as the daughter of a working mom, I know that really, childcare is just a chance for more people to love Ellis. The woman who babysat me since I was 3 weeks old came to meet Ellis while we were still in the hospital. Those are some pretty great bonds. We'll see if it is the right fit for us, and there will be some adjusting on all sides, but my own experiences with childcare were pretty positive, so I'm hopeful it will work. 

Doesn't stop me from missing him like crazy though. 


  1. Welcome back to work!
    He's soooooo cute! Love from afar!
    Should I buy him an Oscar the Grouch outfit? :)

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    1. Hahaha- Oscar the Grouch is Ellis to a tee!

      Can't wait for you to meet him (whenever that may be!)

    2. I wish I could take a trip before I move, but I'm swamped :( a little grouchy myself, haha!


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