What I Wore: At Outdoor Concerts

Thursday, August 16, 2012

Outdoor Concert outfit Kruass2 Collage Outdoor Concert outfit KraussCollage

These were also taken this past weekend at the Magic City Blues Festival. Most of the festival is strictly an 18+ affair, but the last night, with Allison Krauss headlining, the entire festival moved over several blocks from the historic downtown district to a park and opened the doors for kiddos as well as adults. If you were five and under it was free even- which might explain my plethora of little friends I got.

Not one, not two but three little ones were interested in dancing for us, playing peek-a-boo, making faces and starting the always interesting game of Tip-Over-The-Cup. When The Boy left our picnic blanket (which was admittedly rather far back to take advantage of the shade) one little man got especially bold and gave me a cloth flower and a pinecone he'd "made fat for you." Though he later wanted his squished pinecone back, I got to keep the smile that came with his little gift.

It should go without saying that the music was fantastic. Not only was it Allison Krauss, but the man who sang in O Brother Where Art Thou also played with Union Station! It was also unbelievably hot, which accounts for this outfit. My one goal was not to die of heat. The flower in my hair was a gift from The Boy.


  1. You have such a beautiful smile! Great photos dear!

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  2. Love the look and the flower in your hair is perfect!

    Leopard and Lillies

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  3. Perfect for a show!

    xo Jennifer


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  4. That necklace is stunning, you look so cute.

    Ava Tallulah

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  5. Awesome necklace! Sounds like a fun event :)

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  6. great smile woman!!! another beautiful post and outfit!

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  7. Love that necklace, very cute!


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  8. I love these photos, you look like you had so much fun taking them! There's something so great about seeing you confidently pose it up as a crowd of people are behind you. And that necklace? Adorable. Also, I'm insanely jealous about the guy who sang in O Brother, Where Art Though. P.S. I nominated you for an award on my blog :)

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  9. That kiddo must have been so sweeeeet! ^^ It's truely hot all over our planet these days. We're having a "mini" heatwave and it's 95 degrees out right now. I'm going to melt away! x

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  10. Perfect outfit for a concert! That necklace is just gorgeous. Simple but stunning. Love the whole look. Thanks for dropping by my blog!

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  11. great outfit, love your necklace! ♥

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