Write a Puzzle Letter

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Puzzle Letter Collage
Exactly what it it says on the tin, a Puzzle Letter is a letter written on the back of a puzzle.

How to Make a Puzzle Letter:

1. Get a Puzzle
2. Write a rough draft (optional, but highly encouraged)
3. Put puzzle together
4. Write letter on the back of the puzzle
5. Break the pieces apart
6. Get a manila envelope and mail it (Optional: Use a water bottle cut open and then reseal it together, or use a box).
7. Mail

Remember if you want to make it harder, choose a harder puzzle, or choose a blank one with no picture and write on one or both sides. 

Have fun with your correspondence!


  1. When I was a kid I used to write letters and rip them into shapes (or cut them) and then make my friends put them back together to read them and then we would glue them on pieces of cardboard. Obviously we were very cool! This puzzle version is much more awesome!

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  2. AWWWW this is soooo cute! :) such a great idea!

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  3. How fun is this?? I seriously need to find more people to mail things to because you keep giving me the best ideas!

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  4. what a great idea Kristian! I remember we did this on summer camp one day :) We had blank pieces and had to paint a portrait of the reciever on one side and write a sweet note on the other ^^ x

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  5. I've done this before, and it is such a fun and unique way to give a card!! I'm definitely going to try it again one of these days :)


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