Hair How-to: Milkmaid Braids (with a twist)

Monday, November 19, 2012

MilkmaidCollageOn Right: Milkmaid Braids made with The Twisted Rope Braid On Left:Milkmaid braids with fishtail braids

 Milkmaid braids are my go-to hair-do. They are quick, and easy, but don't look it. It is also a very versatile look because you can make milkmaid braids out of many different types of braids. There's the great stand-by of a 3-strand braid, or why not try a fishtail braid or rope braid with this? Or you could get really adventurous and give the 5- strand braid a try!

Milkmaid braids

1) Divide Hair into two sections

...What is says on the tin, here.

2) Braid each section of hair. You will end up with pigtails

You can use a standard 3-strand braid, or use the fishtail braid, or  a rope braid like I did here! Let your imagination go wild.

3) Pin pigtails on top of the head

You will pull one pigtail across the side of your head, essentially going ear to ear. Pin it with bobby pins. Take the next pigtail and likewise pull it across the head going ear to ear. Pull this second pigtail so it covers the end of the first pigtail, and likewise hide the second pigtail's end behind the first pigtail. Pin with bobby pins.

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  1. i have got to try this !i never do anything fun w/ my hair yours is so cute! xoRachel

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  2. oh and i also nominated you for an award on my post today :D xoRachel

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  3. Love your hair! Wish my hair was long enough to do this.

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  4. all your tutorials are really making me regret chopping off my hair! those hairstyles really add interest to a look, it's such a fun detail :)

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  5. I agree with Marlen! Why did I cute my hair, gah how I miss braids! This rope braid is amazing!

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  6. i love the way this looks! unfortunately for some reason, every time i try this look, it never comes out right. maybe it's just because my hair is so dark, or perhaps the texture. you can never make out the actual braids. super cute though!! x

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  7. Again, that looks pretty on you!

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  8. Woah, I'm so impressed with this! I've always wanted to try milkmaid braids, I just might have to now.

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    1. You should. Tweet me the results too- I wanna see!

  9. Nice hairstyle!

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