Q+A: Before Summer's Gone?

Monday, August 26, 2013

 With Labor Day right around the corner and some already starting school, summer seems at an end. Of course,  officially   the equinox isn't till mid-September, so perhaps it is only the beginning of the end, and a good reminder to get those last summer time activities done before it is too late. I was hoping to make a day trip to Yellowstone, but with at least three separate forest fires putting smoke into the sky, this may be something that will have to wait for next year. To get some other last, summer fun ideas, I asked several ladies about their last summer plans for this week's Q+A. What about you?  What is one thing you want to do before summer is over? Share in the  comments  below! 


Nikki of Ginger Diaries:

I have many things I still want to do before summer fades to fall, but the most important thing on my to-do list is getting my college studio ready! For the first time in my life I'll be living on my own during the week. I have to cook my own meals, clean my own bathroom and shop for my own groceries. To be honest, this really scares me, but all the trips to Ikea I get to take are super fun! The boyfriends studio is only a few blocks from mine, so we will finally (after 4 years!) get to see each other during the week as well. It'll be a new chapter for me, one that I am lovingly preparing one ikea trip at the time!  

Jessica of Midwest Muse:

For me, summer is about long day trips to other cities, reading books in the sunlight, discovering new coffee shops, adventuring in the woods, spending time with friends -- new and old, and soaking up every last drop of sunshine. This summer, I've been lucky enough to do all of these and then some. So, I think, maybe I would really love a day of absolutely nothing to do. You know? A day where I make no plans and allow the day to guide me. Those are some of the most amazing days and since I started summer school in July, I have been jam packed with events, school work, papers, and non-stop moving. A lazy day in the sun sounds like the perfect summer day to me.

photo from US National Archives

Campsite at Ohio, Or

Dus of Cuddly Cacti: 

Have a BBQ! While summertime in Phoenix is certainly not BBQ weather and I'm not looking forward to all the sweating it will entail, I am looking forward to having friends over for a BBQ, to hosting one little event before things get crazy busy with a new school year. My hubs and I have both invited close friends, class friends, and coworkers, so I'm looking forward to getting to know some people better and having lots of awesome people meet each other - it should be interesting at the least! 

Hannah of Braided Bandit: 

The one thing I was hoping to do before summer is over I am actually doing as we speak, which is taking a short road trip into the mountains for a little romantic getaway with my boyfriend! As I live in Colorado but I am not that into the typical "winter sports" here, I really wanted to make sure to take advantage of the natural beauty of the Rocky Mountains while there's still no snow on the ground. So, we bought a groupon hotel deal and headed to Vail, a quaint European-inspired town designed to look like you are in Switzerland. I hope to spend the day exploring the beautiful village, do a little shopping, take some photos of course, go out to a special end of summer dinner, and maybe even ride the gondola!

Anna of Melodic , Thrifty & Chic:

I want to dance. I honestly can't think of when I have danced, this year. Other than running, dancing is the one activity that allows me to just clear my mind. I just let the bass wash over me and I move to the rhythms and feed off of the energy in the crowd. The last time I really danced was at Music Fest Northwest in Portland last Summer. Perhaps, it is that experience that I am longing for. I don't know. I just know that if I don't dance this Summer or before the end of the year, my head is likely to pop off and float into space.


  1. Love all the answers, thanks so much for including me! Dancing, having a BBQ, and a day to do nothing or anything I want have been added to my end of summer list as well :)
    xo Hannah

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  2. A BBQ sounds pretty rad! Definitely have not done that enough this summer. I've been meaning to invite our downstairs neighbors up for a BBQ, as well.... We should get on that. Heh. Road trips are a must, as well! We did so much traveling last year that I think we're still recovering. I'm looking forward to spending two weeks in Austin though for an upcoming wedding. Austin is one of my favorite places. Although we're not driving, I'll just pretend it's a road trip. Haha. :P I gotta say, shaking my booty is still top priority. I gotta make it happen, captain! Apparently, my life depends on it. Hehe. ;)

    I enjoyed reading all of these responses! Love these Q&A's, Kristian! Thanks for letting me participate! <3

    - Anna


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    1. Your welcome and congrats to the friend getting married!

  3. such fun answers! I can def understand wanting a day to just relax and can't wait to hear about Hannah's trip, sounds amazing! And dancing - heck yes! I've been going to zumba classes at my college lately to get my dancing fix and it's amazing fun. thanks for including me Kristian!
    Cuddly Cacti
    Mitla Moda

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  4. Oh yes, a romantic little getaway like Hannah has in mind would be perfect to end summer! I'm going to London, but since my boyfriend is not coming along there won't be much romantic about it haha.

    Thanks again for having me today Kristian! :) xo

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  5. Everyone has such fun ideas! I like how Jessica did a u-turn from what I was expecting and just wants a lazy day without and agenda. Sometimes those can lead you to some interesting activities. And I can relate with Hannah's plans because Marc and I are finally going to explore the mountains in Washington next weekend- I'm so excited!!

    xo Marlen
    Messages on a Napkin

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    1. Oh, I had a friend who just got back from their first trip to Mt. Rainer and it looked beyond amazing. Have a fun time!

  6. Ah this is such a cute post! My goal for the summer was to bike every single day and I've accomplished that goal so far! I love what these ladies have to say!

    Xo, Hannah


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    1. That is such a fabulous goal and so glad it has been successful!

  7. These are all lovely. I had a couple of bbqs in July when the weather was sweltering. I wish we could eat outside all year round. I love picnics and bbqs and fires and all. My goal was to start something new and meet new people, get out of my shyness a little. So I went to life drawing classes and a book swap and a folk dancing class. I am feeling pretty good about these new things.

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