Wedding: Bride and Groom

Thursday, August 22, 2013

Okay, okay!  Enough teasing- here are our wedding portraits as bride and groom.  (If you want to see more wedding details click here).

We chose to have a moment for a First Look, a surprisingly giddy and intimate moment, as pictured below. There were a lot of reasons for this choice (not keeping guests waiting at a reception, more time for photographers etc.), but one unexpected one was the time. Surprisingly, there is very little alone time for a couple at a wedding; you are constantly surrounded by others. I loved getting to have time with this man before the ceremony, a steadying reminder of what I was committing to that day. 

Wedding-072 Wedding-026

Can we talk about the dress a moment? One of the best pieces of advice I got about wedding planning was to plan it to reflect the people you are now, not the little girl's daydreams. Choosing a tea length (and hence an entire "retro" theme) was a huge part of this. We love to dance; I knew I wanted something I could dance in, and, as this blog testifies, I am drawn to Dior's New Look aesthetic.  This gown is from David's Bridal (and designed by Oleg Cassini for them), as they were actually one of the few places to carry dresses at this length. This was the first dress I tried on, and though we looked at others, the gowns- there and elsewhere- was never the same! Its shape and twirling skirt was heavenly. Yes to the dress, indeed.

The veil was handmade by my dear friend Shannon and sat on top of what was meant to be "Veronica Lake Hair." Those statement making shoes are actually Salsa dancing shoes, though they never saw the dance floor in this case; I changed to red ballet flats for surer footing. The veil, shoes, and dress were all Something New. My garter (from etsy) was Something Blue. My necklace was originally my Great, Great Grandmother Gladwen's and counted as Something Old, along with the earrings, which were also Something Borrowed (from my mother). Both my mother, and her mother before her had worn them on their wedding days.

Wedding-034 Wedding-027

This man- oh, he makes my heart flutter in that suit (or, well, all the time)! He actually already owned one suit (for ballroom club), but wanted some new duds too for the wedding day.We picked this subtly pinstriped suit out from Men's Wearhouse. His favorite part though, was the shoes.

His ring came from a local jeweler; both of my rings are from Rustwedding. The diamond is a unique rose cut, which we did not see anywhere else.

Our portraits were taken at the little chapel that had originally housed the town's Methodist Church, now a quaint (and conveniently retro-looking) gallery, but we crossed back over the street to be married in the church we now are a part of.



  1. <3 <3 <3 so happy i get to see you both SOON!

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  2. Ahhh amazing photos my dear!! You look gorgeous and so happy, love this length of dress. Such a great wedding dress, and the pops of red are perfect :)

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  3. Love this so much! Wishing love & happiness to you two.

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  4. Oh my goodness you look gorgeous Kristian!! I esp love the shot of you sitting on the porch & the one of you & Amos on the porch (so great to have the cute old church, the prettiest little placed!). And of course I love the shot of you two smooching... all of these really. i'm so excited to see all of these! love your dress as well, the length is perfect and glad you could dance well in it! glad you danced in ballet flats because dancing in high heels always makes me so worried for women that they’ll twist an ankle or something. So nice of your friend to make the veil & wow, how awesome your necklace was from your great great grandmother, that’s really special to have such a great heirloom you could all wear on wedding days and more to come : ). So for your first look, was it just before it all started so guests were not around yet? I hadn’t thought of that, or any of this really since my hubs and I just eloped at the court, but certainly things to think of when we have a renewal ceremony one of these days.
    Cuddly Cacti
    Mitla Moda

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    1. We got ready separately and a few of the group photos were taken first (the garter ones), but then the photographers got us alone in the sanctuary before we did any of the other photos. It was nice because then we could have a bit more time after that for couple shots and then group photos. Once we got back to the church we separated again till the ceremony. I've never really understood the whole "Don't see each other till the ceremony" bit, but then my dad often reiterated the don't make guests wait at the reception thing (my dad loved to talk about Life and such to us quite young).

      Oh, a renewal ceremony sounds lovely!

  5. eeeeeeee! You look so gorgeous - I love the pop of red with your shoes! Seriously, you are such a stunner. I can't wait to see the bridal party shots too!


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  6. Oh my gosh! Your gown, the shoes, the veil, the roses! ah, its all perfection. You look so incredible and I looove the picture where he's standing against the pole thing and your behind him, adorable!

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  7. Kristian, these are so pretty! I'm in love with your dress- so spot on!

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  8. aw, love this! congrats again! and the shoes are absolutely fab!


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  9. awww i was DYING to see these- you looked so so so so gorgeous!! i really love the tea length dress, and it's so perfectly you. and i love all the retro accents that made up your wedding- and the scenery for these photos went right with it! i love that you wore the same earrings as your mom and grandma (what a lovely tradition!) and i'd totally change into flats too, haha! i can barely walk in heels, let alone dance in them.

    xo marlen
    Messages on a Napkin

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    1. Dancing in heels definitely takes practice, that's for sure! Thank you Marlen!

  10. What stunning photos! You both looked amazing.

    The pops of red is just so...YOU. I love it.

    Your hair, the veil, the dress, the flowers, I can really see how your vision became a reality.

    My favourite photo is of the 2 of you by the bench, you behind and him standing on the porch.

    Lots of interesting unique photos though. Such creativity.

    Thanks for the kind thoughts : )


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    1. Yes, I was very pleased how everything came together. Thank you Suzanne!

  11. Kristian these photos are gorgeous!! Wow! I can't even pick a favorite! You looked so beautiful! I love the dress, all that detailing is just stunning.
    Congrats again!! :)

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  12. These are really precious.

    We have similar taste! We both...
    1. Had tea-length gowns
    2. Met with the groom before the wedding
    3. Wore an ancestor's necklace
    4. Carried a bouquet of roses

    But seriously, you look exquisite! I love the tulle edges of the dress and how the hem dips slightly in the back. So elegant. :-)

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    1. Haha- we really do have similar tastes, don't we?

      Thank you btw. :D

  13. I'm so glad your pictures were finally posted! You know I've been waiting for months! I'm absolutely enamored with your dress and you look like the most beautiful vintage inspired bride. These pictures definitely warm my heart :)

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  14. I love that you wore red shoes with your dress. I have never seen that before. Gorgeous photos!

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  15. Wow, don't you and your newly wed look absolutely stunning! I was wondering when you were finally releasing your wedding shots and imagine how I pleased I was when this appeared on my blog feed. :) Your dress is exquisite and the headpiece is a nice vintage flair. Congrats to you both!

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    1. It did take awhile to get the photos up... longer than I would have liked, but finally released. Hooray!

      Thank you so much!

  16. I'm in love with all of your photos. Like. total love. That DRESS!

    I just had to say. I'm reading the posts now and probably won't be able to comment (just running through some morning news/blogs to wake me up) but this is such a fun dress and set up for you. I love your bridesmaids dresses!

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    1. Well, I'm glad you posted on this one, but there are a lot of posts, so no worries there! But it makes me happy you are enjoying the photos.

      Thank you!

  17. Oh! He's handsome! :DDD Beautiful photos! Congratulations again to the both of you!

    - Anna

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  18. Again, I seriously can't get over how amazing these photos are :) You two are perfect together and I absolutely love your choice of dress and shoes. Amos looks really handsom in his suit and shiny shoes. Congratulations to you both again! xo

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  19. AAh! I can't believe I missed these photos earlier in the week! I missed out on blogs cause I was busy and then come back to this! They are so utterly lovely. The dress is wonderful. As someone who had a 50s style dress too I completely love the choice! I also love all the intimate smooching photos. I am a big fan of natural shots of weddings. It's beautiful to just capture love. I think that first photo of the two of you looking at each other is the best. :)

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  20. All photos are beautiful! Hard to choose one as a favourite. Every little detail about the attire is excellent.
    Congrats & may god bless you guys.

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