Mystery Chocolate Box Subscription Review

Wednesday, June 25, 2014

A few weeks back, an up and coming subscription box company contacted me about trying their unique idea for a subscription box. They send you mystery chocolates. What would make chocolate mysterious you ask? Well, I wondered too and jumped at the chance to find out; they kindly sent me their first box.
mystery1Collage.jpg In a nutshell (or rather, in a box), the Mystery Chocolate Box  sends you three bars of chocolate- not the kind you can pick up at a gas station, but more of the gourmand variety. The kicker is, they have removed all identifying information, wrapping the bars in plain white wrappers merely labelled 'A,' 'B' and 'C.' This is because it is not merely a chance to eat chocolate, but also meant to be a game- you (and anyone else you eat the chocolate with) has a chance to guess the flavors or ingredients of the bars of chocolate. There's a place on the company's website to enter your guesses and the possibility of a prize of some sort for correct guesses.

The boxes will be shipped monthly, and each box will be seventeen dollars. In addition to the chocolate, they come with materials meant to keep the chocolate cool during transport (though, given enough heat, the chocolate will still melt. Mystery Chocolate Box recommends, in that case, to stick the melted chocolate into a fridge to cool back down before eating, but it is certainly something to remember when purchasing). They also send allergy information for each bar, and instructions on how to enter guesses.
mystery2Collage.jpg Like most people on this planet, I'm not one to turn down chocolate- and all three kinds of chocolate were good, especially if you prefer your chocolate dark and complex. Still, I'm not sure it's good enough to turn the scales when the box's pros are weighted against it's cons. The chocolate is not made by the Mystery Box Company, but purchased by them from mass producers. Most of their bars retail at five or six dollars. But the box costs seventeen dollars; if depending on the chocolate you may or may not be getting your money's worth. Perhaps the game element is enough to off-set that, if you are a chocolate aficionado, but personally, I'm not that invested in guessing what is in the chocolate (Maybe I'm just too square to see how cool it is?), especially with a lag in finding out if my guesses were right. As of now, the company releases the information several weeks after sending the box, which means a long wait and requires the consumer to come back to their website, which might not happen;  I know I forget about such things! More practically, I was bothered by a lack of nutrition labels. As a diabetic, I rely on those to tell me how many carbs and sugars are in the food I eat, so I can administer the correct amount of insulin. There are many other health ailments that would also require nutrition information (beyond the allergy information, which the company DOES provide), as well as people who have self-imposed eating restrictions that they feel benefit them. Now, the company encourages sharing the bar with others to heighten the guessing game element, and for those small amounts I and others could probably get by. Still, for less money and more information on the items, I could just buy some fancy chocolates myself.

That's not to say there are not those who will enjoy the Mystery Chocolate Box, or that changes might not be made. If you love puzzles, or are a chocolateholic, this box will satisfy your sweet cravings. And- if you just love the mystery that can be provided by surprises being mailed to your door- then they are not to be missed!

ETA: This post was originally said that the boxes were thirty dollars; they are seventeen dollars a piece. This post has been edited to reflect this change in price.


  1. This looks really cool! I had been away from the blog for a month and finally got to post again. I think you'll really like it! Would love for you to come by!


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  2. I've never heard of this, what an interesting concept. Definitely out of my budget for chocolate, but seems like it could make a fun gift for a chocolate lover! I didn't know you were diabetic- yeah those labels are important!

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    1. I was diagnosed last year, about two months before my wedding with type one (juvenile diabetes). It was stressful because I didn't have insurance (I had been subbing for a few months, which wasn't fully time, but thought I'd be okay for a few months and then when getting married to Amos, I'd get on his plan. Bad idea as it turned out). So, I wrote some about it then, but don't generally write on it more. I'm doing pretty good with it now though :)

  3. It seems like an interesting idea. I would like to try my own version of this at my next dinner party. It would make a fun game.

    I do not need a box of chocolate delivered to my house monthly though. I might be on a down PMS day and I'd eat the whole thing by myself. That is just 5 lbs waiting to cling to my hips.


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    1. It does sound like something neat to do for a dinner party.


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