Cinema Style: Bell, Book and Candle

Monday, October 6, 2014

Spooky love story Bell, Book and Candle  (full review here) certainly proves that Kim Novak has bewitching style! Her character, Gill, is a witch, who inhabits a decidedly beatnik counter-culture. Though exploring that side of New York may have been played for laughs in it's day, it gives Novak's movie wardrobe a decidedly modern and enduring appeal.
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Earrings (Similar Here), Pants, Shoes (Similar Here), Sweater, Smock Jacket

Gill's wardrobe is simple but striking. Almost entirely done up in black, red, burgundy and animal prints, Novak's look certainly seemed other when compared to the full skirted and pastel looks most of the other women in the film wore. Though her character eventually gives up her unique look for that same pastel- and passé- fashion, we at least can capture some of her flair for our own. Black cigarette pants with a black sweater is classic- add a 60s collar for some interest, if you want. Over this ensemble, you will be warm and stylish with a smock jacket. Gill liked to be barefoot, so these flats, which are easy to slip on and off, would be favorite. Polish off the look with earrings- just the right balance between interesting and understated.
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Adding to her bewitching and beguiling appeal, Gill often went for dramatic, but simple shapes. A form fitting red dress becomes striking when paired with a cape. Set things off further with red accessories and a leopard print clutch (a bag we see Gill favor several times throughout the film). Gill used snoods like this to give outfits a striking neckline, but also as hoods, giving her an even more mysterious look. Along with all this, adding black boots help you dominate onlooker's attention.
novak, gill, kim, bell book and candle, movie, film, costumes, clothes, red,
Glasses, Dress, Clutch, Boots, Cape, Snood, Gloves


  1. I've never seen this movie- that needs to change! I really love the first look, I'm obsessed with high-waisted skinnies and the shape of that coat!

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  2. I remember you recommending this last year and now it became one of my Halloween must-see movies! I was actually thinking about it last week, I can't wait to re-watch it. And I just LOVE those wide collar turtlenecks. Those are probably my favorite kind of pieces.

    xo marlen
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    1. I always love the high but wide collared sweaters on you and keep thinking I should get one too.

      This is a fun halloween film :)


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