Stationery Wishlist: Back to School

Friday, September 11, 2015


1. Library Cards | 2. Russian Doll Post-Its | 3. Go Get' Em Tiger Card | 4. Smart Cookie Card | 5. Desk Cards | 6. Pencil Holder | 7. Desk Set

1. Library Cards- Admit it, half your school memories are of the school library. Or maybe that is just me. Either way, these would be useful for taking notes. 

2. Russian Doll Post-Its- We use post-it notes So.Much. in schools today. These little ladies would be perfect for marking the pages I need to refer to in the Teacher's Manuel or that I need a copy of or... clearly, they have many uses! 

3. Go Get' Em Tiger Card- What a great card to give a kid (or teacher) nervous about the first day back to school! 

 4. Smart Cookie Card - I should get a zillion of these and give one out to each kid through out the year with a little special note about something awesome they did. It can be intimidating knowing what an impact you make being a teacher because- honestly?- you all remember those superstar teachers and the Trunbulls of the world, don't you? 

 5. Desk Cards - There's a whole set of cards with different desks. How perfect and inspiring as I resettle into my classroom's desk! 

 6. Pencil Holder - Perfect addition to any desk even if, like me, you mostly use pens, not pencils. 

 7. Desk Set- This little box has a little of everything you need in a desk and you'll have it all in style! 


  1. The Russian Doll Post-Its are adorable!

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  2. That russian doll post it set- gah!! I recently bought a desk and I've been going a little nuts decorating it/ finding pretty storage supplies. My eyes totally lit up over this post haha, so much temptation

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