What I Wore: Clothes Tell the Stories of Our Life

Wednesday, August 16, 2017

This shirt, though, right? My parents kindly surprised me with two J. Crew shirts they picked up at an outlet store when visiting my sister. My mom and sister had picked out one, and my dad the other. Both were pretty classic items- a sleeveless chambray and this gingham button up. The choices seem to perfectly encapsulate so much about my relationships with family too.

I never would have even thought to try the chambray- but loved it at once(not on the blog yet, but you can see it here). My sister encourages me to try new things (not just) stylistically, and I find new insight that way. In this case- I used to avoid sleeveless shirts because they weren't allowed at work and I liked most of my clothing to be able to cross over into work or play modes. But, with a recent decision to stay at home with our son for the year (more on that at a later date!), why not go sleeveless? Thank you for encouraging me to be more playful, Danyon!
Then there is this gingham lovely. When I first started my blog, I was on the hunt for the then hard-to-find perfect gingham shirt. I'd found one, wore one, loved one, but it had been damaged and consequently, hadn't been worn in awhile. The day before getting this, I'd finally admitted defeat and tossed out during a closet clean out (which is part of the Feel Good; Dress Better workbook. Try it, y'all!). And without knowing any of this- Dad brought me this one, which I actually like even better (drapes so well and feels so soft!). My father definitely was a defining influence on my style tastes and, well, on many things in how I look at and live my life. How perfectly perfect that he should know what was missing, then- closet or otherwise.


  1. How sweet is it that your family picked out some new stuff for you?? Picked well, I should add. Both sound like timeless pieces. Can't wait to hear more about you staying home this coming year?! Exciting!

    Priya the Blog

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  2. It's so fun to learn the story behind the clothes! That gingham top is so pretty :)

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