Mail Madness Post: Another 15 things for a care package

Thursday, April 5, 2012

1.     Giant Scrabble board (handmade)

2.     A card

3.     paper lantern

4.     Hair accessories like pins, ties and bows

5.     Special food or drink items like a special brand or tea or special coffee roast

6.     A handmade book

7.     A stick or two of sidewalk chalk (like I did here)

8.     Photos printed on Shrinky-dink paper

9.     Instructions for _________ (ie A Rainy day, A Silly Day, Getting a Library Book, Drawing something etc.)

10.  A recipe

11.  Stuffed toy

13.  Old-fashioned or novelty candy

14.  A packet of seeds

  1. Handmade vanilla extract

PS For more ideas check out here, here and here. 

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  1. Great ideas! I would never have thought of these, and they are truly so thoughtful and kind!

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