What I wore: In Unexpected Places

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

RusticSkirt-2 RusticSkirt-1 RusticSkirt-3 RusticSkirt-4

Today’s is a work outfit. Usually I do photos on the weekends, so you sometime get more…fun or casual outfits than what I wear during the week, but I really like both the skirt and jacket in this!

For a fun contrast I’ll tell you what I got up to in such professional clothes- I explored an abandoned house. This was a hobby I actually used to do quite a bit (my favorite abandoned areas included an abandoned church which, according to the sign, was the “True Love Church,” an old motel, and a whole cluster of small little houses near “Railroad St.” Abandoned railway cars also intrigued me). But since moving to the northern part of the state, I’ve found there are fewer abandoned places and definitely fewer you can actually get into. This one is only partially abandoned. The owners live next door and keep it for storage, I think. Or to eventually donate to an organization that wants to use it as a Haunted House before they tear it down.  Inside didn’t have good light, but here you imagine we walked away feeling very much like old explorers heading home from a good trek. 


  1. LOVE that skirt! So pretty!

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  2. Hey! A very pretty skirt you've found!
    I like abandoned places, too, I know a little train station.
    I really like your blog :)

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  3. I love how you styled this! I'll be taking pictures with this skirt right now, so excited!



    Southern (California) Belle

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    1. I'm so stoked to see what you do with this skirt! I love it, but have been stuck in a rut with it....


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