Weekend Review: What's Happened to the Theatre?

Monday, April 2, 2012

Marx Cupcake
Camera Dancing shoes
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My guy has been a bit of a sickie these past few days, but a weekend out of town was still just what the doctor ordered! The weather turned suspiciously summer-like of all things- Lovely and lovelier. We jaunted up to Billings to spent time at our favorite Thai places, get tea, spend time in the sunshine in the park. We eventually made our way downtown to see a local production of Avenue Q at the Venture Theatre!

The next day we took in a different kind of theater and joined the throngs seeing Hunger Games . I find the idea of this book becoming a move a bit ironc- watching a show about watching a show essentially (especially when the message), but I loved the film. It was a highly enjoyable afternoon to cap off a highly enjoyable weekend!

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  1. glad the boyfriends is feeling better and the weekend was pretty for yall

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