What I Wore: In Other Lives

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Abandoned-7 Abandoned-5 Abandoned-1 Abandoned-3 Abandoned-8

Walking into abandoned houses always feels like walking into other people's lives. They are lives that have faded out, faded in ways that must have been spectacular, abrupt, and, I wonder, sometimes if heartbreaking. Dishes still sitting in neat piles by the sink, ready to be put away or furniture still sitting where its sat for years unused. What do we leave behind and what do we take. My favorite part about this abandoned place was the painted leaves on the wooden floor. Who took the time to do that? Did they smile every time they looked down, and saw their work beneath them?

This outfit is a bit of a jarring jump. Its so bright and cheery and full of life. But the juxtaposition seems to work. Its actually rather surprising this particular skirt hasn't made it onto the blog before. Its a favorite for many reasons. It has a bright, cheery pattern. It was a good deal. It was from a trip I enjoyed. But really the very best thing about this skirt is that it twirls. Sounds silly or a small detail, maybe? But, you see, this makes it the perfect dancing skirt. Men really will twirl you more, if you have a dress that flares. Not even an exaggeration. And let me tell you, I love the spins, even if I need my partner to offer his arm after the dance, so as I don't fall flat on my face trying to walk back to the seat!

What I Wore: Skirt (thrifted), Shirt (Modbod), Necklace (borrowed), belt (vintage), Shoes: (famous footwear)


  1. i loooovvvvveee that skirt. what a great find.

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  2. cool necklace! love the space too, pretty & eerie at the same time!

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  3. Great skirt and the location is perfect!

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  4. cute!!!


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  5. What a gorgeous, full skirt!

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  6. You look wonderful. Such fun and interesting photos. SO happy to be following you!
    I would really love it if you would come check out my latest post!

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  7. Abandoned houses are SO cool!

    Virginie xo

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  8. You look amazing. Hey, what's an A-line skirt without a twirling photos? haha, i adore that one! x

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  9. This is SUCH a cool post!! I think I just saw the first photo the when I linked to it and thought I'd seen the whole post before but I'm glad I came back because I hadn't and this post is awesome! I'd lvoe to see more shots of that abandoned house, that is so interesting what you say. i always wonder what would have caused people to only leave certain items also (or were others taken over time?). I reeealy love the shot of you twirling in it amidst the "ruins", great shot and beautiful skirt!!

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