What I Wore: When the Train Left the Station

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Billings Train Blog Billings Train Blog Billings Train Blog Billings Train Blog Billings Train Blog

I mentioned in my last post that we escaped town for a weekend in the "big city" (okay, okay, so Billings is barely 100, 000 but that's big here!). This is what I wore; you can get away with more "fancy" things like hats and less people eye you suspiciously. Not that a little side-eye has ever stopped me before! Still, its so nice to get away for a bit. We had a pleasant time daydreaming too about summer plans. We're thinking a west coast trip, and some camping too.

Tell me, where are you hoping the summer will take you?

What I wore: Bowler Hat-The Hat Shop, Shoes- Famous Footwear (brand is Madden Girl), Skirt- Zara, Shirt- Old Navy, Belt- Zara, Necklace- Etsy


  1. Amei o look , A saia é linda :)



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  2. you are so adorable girl! i'm loving the location of these pictures! and all of your accessories are making the outfit ;)
    xo TJ

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  3. this hat is really cute! lovely blog :)


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