What I Wore: Boater Hat

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

BoaterHat-9 BoaterHat-6 BoaterHat-8 BoaterHat-4

My weekend purchase just seems too perfect for summer doesn't it? Boater hats remind me of childhood- of Easter outfits, and dolls ,and tea parties (with afore mentioned dolls. Pinkies up, dears!) My father's a photographer, so it’s hardly a surprise both my sister and I got a fair share of portraits growing up, is it? My favorite of her was with a pageboy hair cut, in  a little sailor suit and a pouty face. Its beyond adorable, but a four year old kept from her nap does not smile easily; I don't think we thought quite as funny at the time. …Um, I just realized she might be a bit annoyed I shared that part with you. Just to be clear she's grown into a gorgeous young woman who smiles a lot, nap or no nap. Hi, Danyon!

This boater hat though... combines the delight of all those sort of memories, but not in a childish way. Sort of like how the story of the Velveteen Rabbit will be a magical no matter your age. That's the line I'm going with anyway. I have to have some reason to justify a fifth hat, after all.

What I wore: Dress: Target, Hat: Target, Shoes: Famous Footwear, Shirt: Gap, Purse: H&M (gift from sister!)


  1. What a sweet look for spring.Rx


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  2. This is the perfect look for a Spring picnic or something. Pretty!

    xo Jennifer


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