Mail Madness Post: You've Got Mail (The Pinterest Remix)

Thursday, April 19, 2012


It should be no surprise to anyone folliwing this, but I love mail. I love to get it and I love to send it. Such a nice surprise! To help foster my addicti-er…love of mail, I even made a pinterest board (Pinterest- now there’s a real addiction!). Check out some of the fabulous ideas people on Pinterest have for sending mail.

I’ve lots of other boards (admittedly, probably with too many pins. What was I saying about addicting earlier) too, so feel free to check it out.

Are any of you on Pinterest too?


  1. this cartoon is sooo cute!!! thanks so much for sharing!

    xxx Anita

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  2. I'm a huge snail mail girl myself! And yes I am on Pinterest! I'm loving it! x

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  3. eek! i used to read that when i was a little girl! loved it (':

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