Weekend Review: Hanging the Moon and Stars

Monday, May 21, 2012

VEnure Theatre: The Next Room Vintage Shopping Curlers
Eclipse Fifties Dance Amos- fifties Man

Okay, so maybe The Boy doesn't literally hang the moon and stars. But he did take a picture of them. And he did learn to Fox Trot with only a half hour and youtube coming to his aid, so... that's even better, right?

We spent the night (and morning) on the town this weekend! The Yellowstone Ballroom Club's Nineteen Fifties Dance was in full swing (ha-ha, get it?). The last dance they held, we weren't too impressed, but this one was better. More people, more music we could dance to, more dressing up. What's not to like?  My fifties look fell about as flat as my curls did, but with a TON of gel, we found out a men's Fifties Hair-do is not too hard to achieve.

We also checked out Montana Vintage, and took in a show at the Venture Theatre. The Next Room: Or The Vibrator Play's last show was a smash. The story is well-written, and loosely based on Dr. Joseph Granville's invention and patent on vibrators to be used as treatment for hysteria in the 1880s, though the names and resulting story are fiction. The need for intimacy and love-physically, mentally and intellectually-are all juxtaposed in this taunt, and sparse play. Very fun way to end the trip.

Last, but not least, we were, of course, checking out the eclipse. Anyone else see it?


  1. Nice pics!!
    Love your blog!!


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  2. looks like a great weekend!


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  3. what a fun weekend! thanks for stopping by my blog =)

    xx, alisia e

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