Popbasic Wanderlust Collection Review

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Popbasic has been  far and away my favorite subscription service since I started blogging. If you're unfamiliar with them, they create "micro-collections" of women's clothing and accessories each month that are then available for purchase- with free world-wide shipping! Each collection features three items, and is available only for a limited time. Once they're gone, they're  gone, so snap yours up if you want it- and if this month's box isn't your cup of tea, remember it isn't a membership where you have to sign up for multiple boxes; you buy month to month, so you won't be locked in. Micro collections are always between fifty and one hundred dollars- pretty good for three items!
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You can bet I was pleased as punch to find out I'd won Popbasic's latest micro-collection, whimsically named "Wanderlust." Word to the wise- if you don't follow Popbasic on their social media outlets (Facebook, Instagram and Twitter), you should. There's different and unique content on all three. Not only does Popbasic often do contests and giveaways, but you can see sneak-peeks about up coming items, and voice your opinion about what products they should make! Plus, co-founder Maddy Veenstra is quick to respond to any questions on the customer service end of things- or set you up with a penpal. Popbasic organizes a penpal exchange for its community. How cute is that?
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August's Wanderlust Collection comes with a necklace, shirt, cardigan, and dreams of travel. The "Drifter Necklace" is  actually quite heavy, a fact that is both a delight and not. Obviously, a pound hanging around your neck is, well, a pound of weight hanging off your neck. But, it does indicate quality, and this gun metal necklace is certainly that, with its larger, interlocking links. It also has an adjustable chain, so that it can extend further than the promo photos showed, a fact I quite liked. You can store your necklace in the silk bag it comes in too. Like the necklace, the "Traveler Tee" also is obviously made from quality material. If you run your fingers over it, you can feel the slight ridges of the stripes! Popbasic actually has sold striped shirts before and it was so popular they brought it back to be available for purchase outside of a collection.  Even now, you can go and buy a long sleeve "Le Breton" shirt in navy or red, so it was a bit of a surprise another striped shirt was coming out so soon. However, with the narrower stripes, black color, and the short sleeves (which have a lovely accent detail that really takes it to the next level for me), it is different enough to warrant both the Le Bretons and the Traveler Tee taking up residence in your wardrobe. I'm already thinking up a million different ways to wear this classic shirt; in fact, it may be my favorite part of the collection! That's not to say the "Impulse Cardigan" isn't a great piece too- it is. The color is a soft gray bordering on violent in person, and is the type of material that is very soft. As fall comes on, I'm sure I'll be even more glad of it, but it isn't so heavy that I couldn't wear it in evenings even now. Both clothing items are machine washable- Popbasic items haven't always been in the past, even or cotton items, so the low maintenance care will be nice. A small "lifestyle" surprise is usually included in each box. A lovely Earl Grey lip balm rounded things off nicely in my box.
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One of the things Popbasic has been trying to do is move away from having two jewelry pieces per collection. While there are still three pieces in each collection, the items might be a bit more varied including: a clothing piece, a jewelry item, and a third item that might be another piece of clothing, a bag or other accessory. Personally, I quite liked getting two pieces of jewelry to make things seem worth the price of the box, but this collection really strikes that new balance well. Nothing seems "just thrown in." All three pieces go well together- better than I thought they would, in fact, since none of the promo material showed them worn together. All were well crafted and seemed of nice quality. Might be one of the many reasons this collection is selling out super fast- their extra smalls and extra larges are already gone! The other sizes are still in stock though, so hop on over to place your order. And remember, if you're a first time customer of Popbasic, use my link to save an extra fifteen dollars off your purchase!

So do tell, these stripes catching you eye?


  1. I haven't bought a Popbasic item yet, but I am thinking about this one!-Danyon

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  2. You do find out about a lot of these gift boxes! I never knew so many of the things existed before your blog. The items really do seem your style, though I'm not sure I'd go for that much on something that's a surprise.

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    1. You know all the items before you buy the box, so, in the case of Popbasic, it is not a surprise. And you can pick each month whether you buy a box or not; it is not a subscription.

  3. The striped tee is cute! I have the gray dress from a previous collection, and I love the quality :)

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  4. This is actually a fabulous idea and I'm going to sign up right now. :D



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  5. The idea of this is really neat, especially since these seem to be really good quality items and not just chintzy things that wouldn't fit right or last long. Also the fact that it's not a surprise is super refreshing--I never did like the idea of paying for something when you were sure what color you'd get. It's like wishing for a pink gumbal and getting a white one.

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