Stationery Wishlist: Hogwarts Bound

Wednesday, August 6, 2014

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1. Harry Potter Chapter Pages | 2. Wax Kit | 3. Hogwarts Library Postcard | 4. Ink Set | 5. H arry Potter Quotation Pencils | 6. Ministry of Magic Memorandum | 7. Owl Post Envelope 

With the school year about to gear up, I'm sure we're all wishing we could get on that train to Hogwarts (who cares if, at nearly 29, my letter from Hogwarts is eighteen years delayed?!). Perhaps these goodies will cast a magical spell over your days, even if far you're far from Platform Nine and Three-Quarters. 

1. Harry Potter Chapter Pages - Harry Potter was beautifully illustrated in the American editions of the books by  Mary GrandPré. These postcards capture those first pages of each chapter. Pictured above are those from Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban, but you can find the chapters from each book at this store! 

2. Wax Kit- Before sending your letter off with an owl, don't forget to seal it- with wax from this wax set that is.

3. Hogwarts Library Postcard- One advantage to the lack of technology at Hogwarts are the library check out cards are still in use. Get back some of that nostalgia with this postcard! 

4. Ink Set -Well, there's no quill but you'll still feel a bit more like you are working on your Transfiguration or Charms homework when using this inkwell and accompanying accessories.

5. H arry Potter Quotation Pencils - I've featured pencils with words before, but these babies aren't just pithy two or three word sentences. They quote entire passages. The store has books with quotes from all seven books. Can you guess what book these pencils get their quotes from? 

6. Ministry of Magic Memorandum - In workplaces you're bound to get memos. These nifty airplane ones from the Ministry of Magic sure seem more dynamic than a simple email could ever be (though an email is not likely to hit you in the head the way a paper plane might!) 

7. Owl Post Envelope - Send off your next correspondence in an envelope like this. Even if it can't really be delivered by owls, you're recipient will still be bewitched by the charming gesture! 


  1. I would gladly welcome any of these sweet things into my home. I especially like that ink set!

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  2. Lol these are seriously awesome! Great gifts for the Harry Potter lovers in my life, thanks for sharing!

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  3. Love these items! Who wouldn't want to attend that school!

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  4. How strange! My Hogwarts letter has, also, been delayed.

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    1. We can take remedial potions together then ;)

  5. Oh my word I need all of this stationary!! These would also make some great gifts.

    Lauren xo
    Sophisticated In Style

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  6. I used to wish HP was real, haha. But I guess this cute stationary is as close to Hogwarts as we'll ever get :-) xo

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  7. THAT OWL POST. im bookmarking this and going to buy the whole set the second my next paycheck comes in haha. this is just too fun to pass up!

    xo marlen
    Messages on a Napkin

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