Giveaway Winner + 15 Things to Put in a Care Package (9th ed.)

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Thank you everyone who entered my giveaway! The winner was picked using  Randomizer I, and I'm pleased to announce Nicole of Treasure Tromp as the winner! Congratulations; I will be in touch. My email is; if you have not received an email from that address, check your spam box and then let me know here. Thanks! 

You might be wondering what sort of things will be in Nicole's care pacakage? Don't want to give away any surprises quite yet, but maybe something from this list of 15 Things You Can Put in a Care Package ( 9th Edition)
  1. Putty
  2. Stationary
  3. Hat
  4. Sunscreen
  5. Things to Blow Bubbles With
  6. Bumper Sticker
  7. Send a Hug (paper arms that can be wrapped around a person)
  8. goggles
  9. water bottle
  10. nail polish
  11. Chopsticks (or other utensils)
  12. Decorated Comb
  13. Chair Cushion
  14. Joke items like a rubber chicken or handshake buzzer
  15. A Map (Ex: World Maps, City Maps, Countries, Antique or historic maps, topographical, or natural features, maps of Never-Never Land or Oz or Narnia!)
Happy Mailing everybody!

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  1. yay! oh my goodness, I can't wait! Thanks, Kristian!

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