What I Wore: To the Morning Carnival

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

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Morning Carnival-4

I told you all about our weekend date to a traveling carnival, right? A fun and flirty night, the rides gave us a great idea for a photoshoot! Because the rides are best enjoyed with the lights flashing, and that means the dark, we actually went back a second time and took pictures in the morning (who knew sunrise was so early?!) As fun as it had been in the evening, the stillness of the place in daylight had its own magic. Just knowing the transformation that would happen at sundown- when there would be laughter everywhere, the sound of gears cranking and the smell of cotton candy in the air-was alluring.

And what better to be wearing to a carnival than this gingham, summery confection?! Its a purchase that I've been just over the moon about! Its surprisingly hard to find gingham dresses with circle skirts... This is a Hell's Bunny Brand dress. It is sold online at several places, but the easiest for those in North America to access is probably Modcloth, where it is listed as the Salt and Pepper Dress.  Aren't the heart pockets cute? Also thankfully subtle rather than overtly cutesy too. Hooray! The skirt twirls so well,  I'm excited to take it for a spin out on the dance floor. Petticoats are also piquing my interest more with this dress in the closet; maybe its time to invest in one?

To complete the outfit, I used a grey sweater from Wet Seal for when it got cold, and twirled around in some Mendora wedges borrowed from my mother. A simple locket that was a gift finishes things off.


  1. That is such a cute dress, live the full skirt and the fact it's gingham :)

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  2. That last photo is priceless Kristian! I love your dress and the location is, yet again, awesome! You always know where to find the best spots ^^ x

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  3. Awww it looks like you had such a fun time!!!
    I especially love those heart shaped pockets.

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  4. pretty dress!

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  5. yay!! great photos and dress, love it!!!

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  6. Really cute dress. You know you could make your own petticoat. . .

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  7. I love the dress, you look beautiful!

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