4th Blogging Anniversary

Friday, February 5, 2016

I posted my first blog entry four years ago on February 6th, so I'm celebrating a tinsy bit early but...

Top Row: Grey Shirt | Green Skirt | Button-up Shirt| Mustard Sweater
Second Row: Check Skirt | Silk Shirt | Red Stripes | Graphic Shirt
Third Row: Orange Skirt | Stripes and Green Skirt | Dog Sweater | Fringed Shirt
Last Row: Checked Shirt | Scarf | Flannel Shirt | Plaid Shirt

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After several years, The monthly Letter Writing Series finally came to a close. You can see all the posts gathered in one spot on the Letter Writing: Retrospection post. In its place, a new series, Rec Five, was begun. Each month, I recommend five things- one month is could be podcasts, another instagram accounts, another books. Be on the look out for new and great things via Rec Five!

In all honesty, this has been a hard yar for the blog. It was put on the back burner a lot, even after I made changes to be posting less often. Plus, the changing way people interact with social media changes what it means to blog, I think. Still, I am hoping to find some more balance in life to continue this creative outlet for an exciting year five!


  1. Happy Anniversary!

    How I understand you. I have struggled to keep the blog alive in the last couple of years, mostly for lack of time...and yes, blogging is a very different thing today but it also depends what we want out of it. For instance, I like that we both have these interactions through our blogs, even though we never met and live so far away from each other. It's such a hallmark of human nature that no matter how much we change technology, we always find ways to interact at a more personal level.

    I look forward to your rec five.



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    1. I do like the interactions so much, and will say, even though I think most people blog less, many, like you, I think blog with more intention and interesting things to say :)

  2. Happy blogiversary!

    I agree, blogging has changed over the years. Just the fact that you've stuck it out this long shows your work ethic and determination.

    Your blog comes across as very well organized and planned. Is that a reflection of yourself as a person?


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    1. Thank you- and yes, I am definitely more of a planner type of person! But really, I also think that is the only way one can blog regularly and have a full time job. Or, at least, the only way I can do it.

  3. Congratulations of four years of blogging! It's amazing how much blogging has changed over the years. Here's to finding balance!

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  4. I definitely love the outfit with the green skirt (swoon) and the black top - so so so gorgeous! Happy anniversary!


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  5. Yeah, social media really is changing how much blogging works. As fun as it is to see everyone on Instagram, I really do love and miss seeing a lot of those people update their blogs!

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  6. Damn, girl! Happy Blogiversary! Here's to another wonderful year of blogging! :D

    - Anna


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  7. Happy Blogniversary!! :D Your blog anniversary is also the anniversary of when my husband and I first started dating!! Almost do the day (at least, we celebrate it as Feb 6). Can't wait to see what your next year brings!


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